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Name:Modern Disney Princesses
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abu, aladdin, anastasia tremaine, angus, anna, ariel, aurora, bashful, beast, beauty and the beast, belle, big nose, brave, carpet, charlotte la bouff, chi-fu, chien po, chip, cinderella, cinderella's father, cogsworth, cri-kee, disney, doc, doctor facilier, dopey, drizella tremaine, eli la bouff, elinor, elsa, emperor, eric, eudora, eugene fitzherbert, fa li, fa mulan, fa zhou, fairy godmother, fauna, fergus, flit, flora, flotsam, flounder, flynn rider, frozen, gaston, general li, genie, gothel, grand duke, grandmother fa, granmother willow, grimsby, grumpy, gus, hamish, hans, happy, harris, hook hand, hubert, iago, jafar, james, jaq, jasmine, jetsam, john smith, king hubert, king of arendelle, king of maldonia, king stefan, king thomas, kocoum, kristoff, lady tremaine, lawrence, le fou, li shang, ling, lord dingwall, lord macguffin, lord macintosh, louis, lucifer, lumiere, maleficent, mama odie, maudie, maurice, max, maximus, meeko, merida, merryweather, mor'du, movies, mrs potts, mulan, mushu, nakoma, naveen, oaken, olaf, pabbie, pascal, percy, philip, phillipe, pocahontas, powhatan, prince charming, queen leah, queen of arendelle, queen of maldonia, queen primrose, rajah, rapunzel, ratcliffe, ray, scuttle, sebastian, shan yu, sleeping beauty, sleepy, sneezy, snow white, snow white and the seven dwarfs, sven, tangled, the crow, the duke of weselton, the evil queen, the king, the little mermaid, the prince, the princess and the frog, the stabbington brothers, the sultan, the witch, thomas, tiana, triton, ursula, wee dingwall, wiggins, yao, young macguffin, young macintosh
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